The little seated dormer bathroom window overlooking the swimming pool
old sonesraising up
moving stairs

The new little end window which is built over the lovely old stone sink

Once emptied out and with the front wall rebuilt, the large floor area of this future gite becomes apparent.......



Bathroom awaiting the installation of the sanitaryware and tiling...............future walk-in shower on the left, toilet, bath and wash-basin

Just love the little niche over the bath!!

The internal starting point was the emptying out before demolition of the old farmhouse kitchen and dining room. Past holidaymakers at Domaine de Fumel will remember these 2 rooms where communal meals were taken with fun and games often following.
old farmhouse dining and kitchen
old fireplace
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History of the Conversion of

La Résistance

La Résistance is our latest exciting project, which will create our eighth gite and allow us to give the flexibility of Wednesday or Saturday change-overs.

We are naming it La Résistance after its place in the Second World War, where it was a hiding place for the Resistance fighters, who were secreted away in the attic. Because of the proximity of Boisse and Issigeac to the gunpowder factory, La Poudérie, just outside of Bergerac, the whole area was heavily occupied by the Germans during the war. This area was also near to the dividing line between occupied France and Vichy Free France, all of which gave rise to much underground activity by Resistance fighters - le Maquis. Consequently the German Gestapo and SS troops continually harassed the French population all around to discover these resistance fighters, often forcing the inhabitants to denounce them under pain of death or worse atrocities. Domaine de Fumel, being isolated at that time and somewhat lost in the wooded countryside of the surrounding land, was a natural spot for hiding the brave fighters of the War. We are proud that our property played its part in that sad era of France's history and commemorate that in the naming of our latest gîte.


gite la resistance
The outside with the front wall rebuit and all the windows and door installed. The white squares of polystyrene just under the roof are to be removed to thus create the pockets to receive the rafters of the covered patio area.
The work commenced with the creation of the central tower to create the new master bedroom; The new bedroom has a Juliet balcony looking out across the far-reaching views over our vineyard. Another vignette over the vines is afforded by the small window opposite the bed. The windows for the bedroom and bathroom await to be installed. Work then turns to the demolition of the old front wall, which leant forwards out of plumb and its windows and door opening reformed in dressed white stone replacing the old weatherworn soft yellow stones.

The new door leading out to the covered patio area.

Plastering to the ground floor is now completed!

old sink
flatpack staircase

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The trials and tribulations of building and fitting the beechwood staircase ........ this involved cutting through the outside wall into the passage!

Dave does actually work ... and on his own!!

le crépissage

And when the weather was kind, the outside wall could be rendered.

Just love the little round peep hole to get the view from the covered patio!!